There are a millions of android applications available on android apps store. Regarding the higher demand of android apps over time, android apps development is also enhanced rapidly to meet the consumers’ demand. The main purpose of those are to make the users easier to do something appropriate with the apps as well as to enrich the use of phone in this case, Android. Therefore the utilization will be more efficient.

There are two ways how the applications for android are emerged. Those are come from such people who are interested in developing the application regarding their own requirement and also the specialists which professionally accept the order from users who need attain a particular app for their own purpose. Read the rest of this entry »



We have all heard it. You will be in the middle of a quiet setting when an annoying, comical, or just downright inappropriate ringtone breaks the silence. In class today, we were studying American Gothic, the famous picture we have all seen of the farmer and his wife standing expressionless in front of their farmhouse. When the questions was posed to the class, “What can you infer about their relationship just based off this image,” a phone sounded. The ringtone? The chorus to Kenny Chesney’s hit song… wait for it…. She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy! While this was really funny and caused an uproar in the class, there are other situations in which this is not such a good thing.

Two And A Half Men

Season six, episode nine of the hit show Two and a Half Men depicts a similar situation with a much different outcome. The teenaged character…

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Three Top iOS Apps for Vision Testing

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Apps
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Caring for your sight means getting eye exams, updating your lens prescriptions when necessary, and making sure that you”re always wearing the lenses you”re given by your doctor as recommended. If you”ve worn glasses your entire life, then vision health is a regular part of your life. If, on the other hand, you have enjoyed good vision in the past, you may not be familiar with how to take the best care of your eye sight. When you think you notice a change in your sight, it”s possible to give yourself a preliminary eye test thanks to a number of iOS apps available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. These apps are not a substitution for a doctor, but can be a good place to start on your road for good vision.

Eyesight Test and Care

This app, available in the iTunes app store, lets you take a few different tests to check your eyesight. You can view standard eye charts that are used in an actual doctor”s office – these charts have letters of various sizes (with the largest letters at the top and smallest at the bottom) that can be viewed from a specific distance to test your eyesight. The app also offers tests for color blindness and astigmatism, and you can check for specific eye issues such as near sightedness. According to the app creators, Eyesight Test and Care is designed with international standards for eye chart design.

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With Android 2.3, Gingerbread as the Operating System and 1GHz Processor, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is a great choice for a smartphone user. It comes with a curved screen, rounded corners and a soft-touch back cover that offers a firm grip to the users.

Where does the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim score extra?

The 1 GHz single-core processor enables fast downloads on your phone. Moreover you get quick response on this 3.5-inch-touchscreen phone which further ensures smooth streaming of videos and music for you.

The picture quality is great with the 3-MegaPixel camera. For easy typing the virtual keyboard has keys that are well-spaced. There is an expanded cut-and-paste function. There are usage displays on the screen which help you to manage your battery-life as you can customize your power-saving options according to your needs. The Google Play Store on this phone is a great platform to download several apps, music and games. The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim accessories also include a 2GB Micro SD card with an extendable memory of 32GB. Read the rest of this entry »

Different gadget will have different functionality support. This point is quite essential because it will be a troubling situation once you buy certain gadget without any real use for you. The value for the gadget is not only set on how expensive the gadget will be, but also on how you get the benefit once you already have the gadget around. You cannot expect that different series actually will share most of the application easily. For this point you will need to learn the detail on the product review first before deciding which gadget to buy.

Having a great hardware is not always means that you will be able to do different thing for different purpose easily. In some point you will need extra software backup to add more functionality on the gadget that you have.

Find great apps will be the challenge. For most of the free application, it will be best to invest more time to check and test the functionality side. You may find that free stuff only give small functionality. But even so, such small thing will turn into bigger help once the functionality really meet with your need. Do you really need to pay for better software? Well such question is quite safe to be answered as another personal preference.

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Do you face daily issues with your cell phone, such as a cracked screen, slow loading time, or charging glitches? Before pulling out your warranty information and calling tech services, check to see if the issue you’re currently facing can easily be fixed yourself. Although there are several different problems you’ll want to contact your cell phone’s provider for, there are also several daily issues that you can take care of yourself.

Let’s take a look at some common problems you may face with your cell phone, and the best remedies for each. For additional help with these issues, watch the provided YouTube videos:

Your Phone Gets Wet

So, you’re walking along talking on your cell phone, and you suddenly drop it into a puddle. Now you’re thinking, “I’m going to have to replace it,” right? Wrong! There’s a simple remedy to removing the water from your phone and repairing it. Stick it in a bag of rice. The rice will absorb the water, and your phone should be good to go in about 24 hours. Stick the bag of rice in the sun to dry out your phone quicker. Make sure you remove the battery first. To avoid this issue in the future, you may want to use an ear device and leave your cell phone in a protective case. Read the rest of this entry »