How to Fix Your Own Phone, and When to Ask Experts for Help

Posted: September 28, 2014 in How To
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Do you face daily issues with your cell phone, such as a cracked screen, slow loading time, or charging glitches? Before pulling out your warranty information and calling tech services, check to see if the issue you’re currently facing can easily be fixed yourself. Although there are several different problems you’ll want to contact your cell phone’s provider for, there are also several daily issues that you can take care of yourself.

Let’s take a look at some common problems you may face with your cell phone, and the best remedies for each. For additional help with these issues, watch the provided YouTube videos:

Your Phone Gets Wet

So, you’re walking along talking on your cell phone, and you suddenly drop it into a puddle. Now you’re thinking, “I’m going to have to replace it,” right? Wrong! There’s a simple remedy to removing the water from your phone and repairing it. Stick it in a bag of rice. The rice will absorb the water, and your phone should be good to go in about 24 hours. Stick the bag of rice in the sun to dry out your phone quicker. Make sure you remove the battery first. To avoid this issue in the future, you may want to use an ear device and leave your cell phone in a protective case.

Your Trackball is Stuck

If you’ve ever had a trackball on your mouse get stuck, you know how frustrating it can be. The same thing can happen to the track ball on your phone. An easy remedy for a stuck track ball is to simply clean the trackball with a small dab of alcohol. You may need to remove the trackball to thoroughly clean it and remove all of the debris.

Your Phone won’t Charge

If you find you’re having problems charging your phone, you could be facing a problem with the charger itself, the charger’s connection, or the battery. Try scrubbing the metal connectors on the cell phone and charger, and try to charge it again. If the phone still won’t charge, you may need to bring it in for a battery replacement.

Your Cell Phone Case gets Scuffed

If your cell phone case is scuffed or scratched, you can smooth it with sandpaper. You’ll want to be careful doing this, however, as the sandpaper can remove the phone’s scratch-resistant coating. The easiest way to take care of a scratched case is to protect it in the first place. Keep your phone in a protective case from the moment you buy it.

Your Cell Phone Case gets Cracked

If you’ve ever dropped your cell phone, you might have already experienced a cracked case. Although this won’t necessarily make the cell phone unusable, it does prevent it from being protected from outside elements. The best remedy for a cracked case is to keep your phone in a close-fitting case.

Your Cell Phone Screen gets Scratched

If you have a scratched-up cell phone screen, you know it’s difficult to perform many of the tasks you need to use your cell phone for. Not only does the cracked screen make it hard to see what you’re doing, but it also makes using a touch-screen more difficult. If you want to try to fix the screen yourself, you can start by applying a metal polish with a soft cloth. You could also try using a special scratch removal liquid or gel. If these at-home remedies don’t work, you may want to bring it in for repairs.

Your Cell Phone Screen is Broken

A broken screen will most likely prevent you from using any of the touch-screen capabilities on your phone. In most cases, your best bet will be to have a professional provider replace the screen for you.

Your Cell Phone has Broken or Missing Keys

If you have a regular keypad, as opposed to a touch-screen keypad, and the keys are broken or missing, this will of course hinder your ability to use your phone properly. In most cases, when the keys start to break, the entire keypad will need to be replaced. You should bring your phone to your provider to have this done, rather than try to do it yourself.

Your Phone is Unresponsive

Sometimes, your phone can look perfectly fine, but start acting out, and not work right at all. The first thing you should do is power down your phone, let it sit for a few minutes, then turn it back on. If this doesn’t correct the problem, you’ll want to try a full reboot, which means removing the battery. If this doesn’t work either, you’ll want to take your phone to the dealer to have it checked out. It may need to be fully restored to its factory settings. In some cases, you may be able to research your phone’s specific command for doing so, and do it yourself over a computer. But in most cases, you’re better off letting a professional do it for you.

Your Phone is Grimy

Although not a serious problem, at times your phone will be grimy, and you’ll want to clean it off. The easiest solution is to use a cloth or cleaner specifically made for cleaning electronic devices. If you’re very careful, you can even get away with using at-home products, such as Windex, to clean your screen. Just be careful with the amount you spray, and only use it on the screen.

These tips will help you maintain many of the problems you’ll face with your cell phone on a regular basis, including those involving the top T-Mobile cell phone features. It’s important to note that any repairs you make yourself will most likely make your phone’s warranty null and void. Double check your phone’s warranty clause to find out what you can and can’t do yourself without risking the warranty. Be sure you know what you’re doing before taking on any repairs yourself. If you’re not sure of yourself, take your phone to your dealer.


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