Know more about Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Accessories and Features

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Mobile Review
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With Android 2.3, Gingerbread as the Operating System and 1GHz Processor, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is a great choice for a smartphone user. It comes with a curved screen, rounded corners and a soft-touch back cover that offers a firm grip to the users.

Where does the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim score extra?

The 1 GHz single-core processor enables fast downloads on your phone. Moreover you get quick response on this 3.5-inch-touchscreen phone which further ensures smooth streaming of videos and music for you.

The picture quality is great with the 3-MegaPixel camera. For easy typing the virtual keyboard has keys that are well-spaced. There is an expanded cut-and-paste function. There are usage displays on the screen which help you to manage your battery-life as you can customize your power-saving options according to your needs. The Google Play Store on this phone is a great platform to download several apps, music and games. The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim accessories also include a 2GB Micro SD card with an extendable memory of 32GB.

Accessorize your Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

This phone helps you to use multiple applications simultaneously, which monitor updates and incoming information without any disturbance. You get all your alerts for voicemails, downloads, messages, etc. on the notification panel. The Task Manager helps you to switch between different applications. The phone has Wi-Fi so that you can get connected to a network and save your data minutes. The Swype keyboard is another good thing on this phone as it improves the accuracy of the typist. The phone also has GPS, a 3.5mm headset jack, speech to text, a phonebook that can accommodate unlimited entries, battery talktime up to 5.5 hours, standby time up to 16 days, Skype and a lot more.

Among several phone accessories available in the market, the Micro SD cards help your smartphones to function smoothly as it increases its data holding capacity. Covers are also available for the Galaxy Proclaim to protect your phone from scratches. These covers can be hard, or made from rubber or silicone. These covers come in different colors and designs, according to your tastes and preferences. To protect the screen from scratches and dust, screenguards with a matte finish are recommended. Bluetooth headsets are also available for this phone. The touch screen Stylus, handsfree-headsets, Bluetooth keyboards, cell phone cases, car charger, etc. are a few other worthwhile accessories to enhance and preserve this extremely functional phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is a great phone for the first-time smartphone users. It is a low-cost phone that offers all the goodness of having an android phone. The integration of Gingerbread with Google services further makes life easy and entertaining for the users.


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