Three Top iOS Apps for Vision Testing

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Apps
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Caring for your sight means getting eye exams, updating your lens prescriptions when necessary, and making sure that you”re always wearing the lenses you”re given by your doctor as recommended. If you”ve worn glasses your entire life, then vision health is a regular part of your life. If, on the other hand, you have enjoyed good vision in the past, you may not be familiar with how to take the best care of your eye sight. When you think you notice a change in your sight, it”s possible to give yourself a preliminary eye test thanks to a number of iOS apps available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. These apps are not a substitution for a doctor, but can be a good place to start on your road for good vision.

Eyesight Test and Care

This app, available in the iTunes app store, lets you take a few different tests to check your eyesight. You can view standard eye charts that are used in an actual doctor”s office – these charts have letters of various sizes (with the largest letters at the top and smallest at the bottom) that can be viewed from a specific distance to test your eyesight. The app also offers tests for color blindness and astigmatism, and you can check for specific eye issues such as near sightedness. According to the app creators, Eyesight Test and Care is designed with international standards for eye chart design.

Vision Test

Despite its simple name, this application from the iTunes app store has a lot of different ways to test your sight. Included within the same app are a color blindness test, astigmatism test, far field vision test, visual acuity test, as well as several more quick self exams. You can also take an eye quiz that gives you a better idea of what issues you might have when it comes to your vision. On the logistical side of things, Vision Test makes it possible to find a local eye doctor if you determine that you do need some follow up care for glasses or contact lenses based on your test results. You can use your device”s built in map to get directions to one of the listed opticians in just a few minutes.


The Vision app from the iTunes app store can help you check your vision, or just use some vision exercises that are entertaining. Practically, the app offers a visual acuity test, retinal function test, visual field test, face memory test, as well as the Ishihara color vision test. When it comes to fun exercises, you can pull up optical illusions, stereograms, as well as animated stereograms. The info section of the Vision application is available to give you updated help on issues like eye first aid, vision at night, and vitamins.

These inexpensive applications are a good way to start taking an active role in your eye care. If you want a quick, cursory idea of where your vision health is, download one of these applications to your iOS device soon.

Chelsea Miller is an eye care specialist. She often consults device manufacturers on keeping their hardware eye friendly.


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