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Do you face daily issues with your cell phone, such as a cracked screen, slow loading time, or charging glitches? Before pulling out your warranty information and calling tech services, check to see if the issue you’re currently facing can easily be fixed yourself. Although there are several different problems you’ll want to contact your cell phone’s provider for, there are also several daily issues that you can take care of yourself.

Let’s take a look at some common problems you may face with your cell phone, and the best remedies for each. For additional help with these issues, watch the provided YouTube videos:

Your Phone Gets Wet

So, you’re walking along talking on your cell phone, and you suddenly drop it into a puddle. Now you’re thinking, “I’m going to have to replace it,” right? Wrong! There’s a simple remedy to removing the water from your phone and repairing it. Stick it in a bag of rice. The rice will absorb the water, and your phone should be good to go in about 24 hours. Stick the bag of rice in the sun to dry out your phone quicker. Make sure you remove the battery first. To avoid this issue in the future, you may want to use an ear device and leave your cell phone in a protective case. (more…)