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With Android 2.3, Gingerbread as the Operating System and 1GHz Processor, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is a great choice for a smartphone user. It comes with a curved screen, rounded corners and a soft-touch back cover that offers a firm grip to the users.

Where does the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim score extra?

The 1 GHz single-core processor enables fast downloads on your phone. Moreover you get quick response on this 3.5-inch-touchscreen phone which further ensures smooth streaming of videos and music for you.

The picture quality is great with the 3-MegaPixel camera. For easy typing the virtual keyboard has keys that are well-spaced. There is an expanded cut-and-paste function. There are usage displays on the screen which help you to manage your battery-life as you can customize your power-saving options according to your needs. The Google Play Store on this phone is a great platform to download several apps, music and games. The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim accessories also include a 2GB Micro SD card with an extendable memory of 32GB. (more…)