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Different gadget will have different functionality support. This point is quite essential because it will be a troubling situation once you buy certain gadget without any real use for you. The value for the gadget is not only set on how expensive the gadget will be, but also on how you get the benefit once you already have the gadget around. You cannot expect that different series actually will share most of the application easily. For this point you will need to learn the detail on the product review first before deciding which gadget to buy.

Having a great hardware is not always means that you will be able to do different thing for different purpose easily. In some point you will need extra software backup to add more functionality on the gadget that you have.

Find great apps will be the challenge. For most of the free application, it will be best to invest more time to check and test the functionality side. You may find that free stuff only give small functionality. But even so, such small thing will turn into bigger help once the functionality really meet with your need. Do you really need to pay for better software? Well such question is quite safe to be answered as another personal preference.